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    aid that if they did not do that, the bird would, on another occasion, lead them on to a dangerous animal or a b

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    ig snake. Of course this was simply a piece of 208 native superstition, which I satisfactorily proved to have

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    no truth in it, as I took the trouble to test it one day when I had followed the honey bird, by taking every bi

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t of the honey to which it led me, without leaving any for the bird. After flying round two or three times, it went twittering on again for another two or three miles, and when it finally stopped, fluttering round a tree as before, I found that it had simply led me to another store of ho

ney; so I disposed of one native belief. The Wanderobo women were fairly well dressed—in skins—but the men wore hardly any clothing at all. When necessity compels them to move they are fairly


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good hunters, and will creep up to within ten yards of an elephant, to spear it. The spear is fashioned something after the manner

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of a harpoon, the head being fixed to the shaft in such a way that, on striking the elephant, it becomes detached, and remains in th

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e wound, while the shaft falls to the ground. It would not, of course, be sufficient to kill an elephant but for the fact that it is

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poisoned; and even then the elephant will often travel a considerable distance before succumbing to the poi

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